Getting Started

The Y Guides program will benefit your and your child's lives. Y Guides provides kids the opportunity to expand their horizons, reach new goals, learn new skills and grow through their service to others. Best of all, this happens with dad by their side.

All dads interested in joining Y Guides are invited to attend our Tribe Formation Meeting in September. Dads can come with tribes already in place, or form a tribe at the meeting. For ways to find tribemates see below.

After the Tribe Formation Meeting, First Year Dad Training will be next. At this training, dads will learn about the details of the program for the year, pick up their yearly supplies, and turn in their registration form/program fees. All first year tribes must turn in a completed registration form with payment (as a complete tribe), at this meeting.

Make sure you are prepared with our Y Guides Registration Checklist.

Ways to find tribemates

  • School
  • Sports teammates (soccer, baseball, swimming, etc.) 
  • Around the neighborhood
  • Sunday school 
  • Vacation bible school

Remember that you and your child may be spending the next three years or more with these other children and dads. Include your child in the process by asking them who they really like spending time with. Tribes work best when the numbers are between six to nine pairs of dads/ kids.

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to look over the Join Questions below.

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