2020-21 First-Year FAQs

As we introduce a new group of first-years to Y Guides for the 2020-21 program year, we know that you may have many questions. Reading through the FAQs below should help prepare you with everything you need for the year to come! 

What do i do if i don't have a crew?

You can form your own Crew with people you know from your neighborhood, school, church, sports team or other community activity. Crews typically consist of dads and their kids of the same age and gender. If you need additional help finding a Crew, the Y Guides staff can help:

  1. Join our Closed Facebook group to meet and greet with other dads in your area. 
  2. Submit your information here and we can help you find a Crew. 

Visit the Join a Crew page on our website to learn more. 

What do i do if we need more pairs to join our crew?

You can submit your Crew information and we will match pairs with your Crew. This is for any Crew regardless of year in the program.

how many pairs are in a crew?

We recommend 5 - 10 father/child pairs per group, but we have certainly seen smaller and larger groups!

is there an age limit?

We recommend starting your first year when your child is in first grade. However, we have had some first-year groups with younger/older children. We leave this decision up to each individual Crew.

how do i register?

Once you have formed your Crew, one person from your group will need to register your Crew. After registering the Crew, the dad who completed the webform will receive an automated email that includes a unique Registration Code and Registration Link. That Code and Link should be shared with the rest of the members of the Crew so that they can get themselves registered. 


The fees are for the father-child pair for the 2020-21 program year. The fees include two vests, two name badges, patches, program handbook, admission to Y Guides events and membership to the program for this program year.

what if i have twins or more than one child in the program?

You will pay the fees based on the number of children in the program. We can reduce the cost of the vest for the dad if he only wants one vest and not two.

what if i don't want the vests?

We encourage you to purchase the vests as they are a part of the curriculum and earning patches. However, if you already have a vest/have multiple children, we can reduce the cost of the vest if you already have one. Reach out to Y Guides for more information.

how do i register for a crew that already exists?

Email the Y Guides team (YGuides@YMCATriangle.org) and we will get you squared away to register. 

how do i pay when payment is due?

You can pay and register online. Payment is required by the time you pick up your supplies.

when/where can i pick up my supplies? who can pick up supplies?

You can pick up your supplies Monday, Sept. 21 - Friday, Sept. 25 from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pick up will be in the parking lot of the Y Guides Office. Each dad can come and pick up their own supplies or a representative from each Crew can pick up supplies for the whole group. Payment is required to pick up supplies regardless of who is picking up the supplies.

Y Guides Office
801 Corporate Center Drive
Raleigh, 27607

when are crew names due?

Please submit your unique Crew name to YGuides@YMCATriangle.org by Thursday, Oct. 8. Be sure to include your unique Crew number. Before submitting your Crew name, check this list of existing Crew names to ensure that you are not using one that has been used in the past.