Register Your Crew!

Thank you to everybody who was able to join us on Tuesday night, Sept. 15 for our First-Year Dads Meeting. We are so excited to welcome a new class of first-years to the Y Guides program. We know it will be an impactful experience for you and your children that will allow you to strengthen your relationships and build lifelong memories. If you missed the meeting, a recording can be found here.

A lot was covered during that First-Year Dads Meeting, so we wanted to make sure to include the highlights right here on the website as well, including next steps for finding a Crew, registering for the 2020-21 program year, picking up your program supplies, joining us at Camp Kanata for Fall Outing and participating in this year's Annual "We Build People" Campaign. 


This year, we're excited to provide an online registration experience for our incoming participants for the first time! You can complete this process in three steps: 1) Find Your Crew, 2) Register Your Crew, 3) Individual Registration.

Find Your Crew: Many of you may have already formed your Crew for the 2020-21 program year ahead of last night's meeting. That's awesome! Some of you may still be looking for a Crew. That's awesome, too! If you need help forming a Crew, there are a few ways that the Y Guides team can help:

  • Join the Y Guides Crew Formation group on Facebook and see if there are any potential matches for you there.
  • If you're an individual pair looking for a Crew, complete this webform and allow the Y Guides staff to place you with other pairs based on your child's age, gender and location.
  • If your Crew is already partially formed, but you're still looking to add a few pairs, complete THIS webform.  

Register Your Crew: Once your Crew has been formed, select one dad to complete the Crew Registration webform. By completing this form, you're letting us know that your Crew has been created and you're ready to get everybody officially registered for Y Guides. 

Individual Registration: The dad who completes the Crew Registration webform will receive an automated email that includes a unique Registration Code and a Registration Link for each individual pair to get registered. Upon receiving the Registration Code and Registration Link, that dad should share them with the rest of the Crew so that they can then get themselves registered. Everybody should be registered by Friday, Sept. 25 so that they can pick up their program supplies for the year.


Your patches, handbooks, vests and all of the supplies you need for your first year of Y Guides will be available for pickup at the Y Guides Office from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 21 - Friday, Sept. 25. We'll be handing out supply kits from the parking lot, so look for the Y Guides trailer and a Y Guides flag! 

Dads can pick up their kits on an individual basis, or if it's more convenient, send one dad to pick up kits for the entire Crew. As a reminder, we will not distribute program kits to anybody who has not yet registered.

Y Guides Office
801 Corporate Center Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27607


We are excited to honor and recognize all of our brand-new Crews during Fall Outing at Camp Kanata! That means that each Crew needs to decide on your Crew's name before the Fall Outing season begins. Once your Crew has been registered, we encourage you to host your first Crew Meeting before Fall Outing. During that first Crew Meeting, take some time to decide on the name of your Crew. Each person in the Crew is also encouraged to decide on their Y Guides nickname too! 

As you are thinking about what to name your Crew, be sure to take a look at this list of existing Crew names, so that you don't repeat a name that's been used in the past. Once you've come up with your Crew name, send us an email ( to let us know what it is. Be prepared to reference the unique Registration Code you were given when you registered your Crew. 


We're excited to host first-years for Fall Outing at Camp Kanata on the following dates: 

  • Sunday, Oct. 11
  • Sunday, Oct. 18
  • Sunday, Oct. 25
  • Sunday, Nov. 8
  • Sunday, Nov. 15

This year, it is important that we know who is planning to attend Fall Outing on which dates, so that we can cap our capacity and help maintain a safe camp community through social distancing. 

Once your Crew has been created and everybody has been registered, we need one person from each Crew to complete this webform and let us know your preference for the Fall Outing weekend you'd like to attend. It is important that we receive one submission from EVERY Crew, regardless of your intention to attend/not attend Fall Outing. Please complete the form by Friday, Sept. 25 and we will provide attendance details by Friday, Oct. 2. 


Each year, the YMCA of the Triangle's Annual "We Build People" Campaign raises money to help meet the greatest needs of our community and our YMCA. Crews are asked to embrace the challenge of serving our community by raising $500+ to join the Golden Feather Society, $1,000+ to join the Chairman's Roundtable or $1,500+ to join the Captain's Circle. 

This year, we're introducing a new interface to make collecting donations easier than ever before: Classy. Each Crew will be able to create their very own online fundraising page to share with their contacts via social media, email and more. We're encouraging one dad from each Crew to create your fundraising page in Classy. It's easy! Be on the lookout for continued information soon and thanks for your stewardship of Y Guides and the YMCA of the Triangle.  

We are so excited for the year ahead and welcoming you to the Y Guides family! If you still have questions, visit our FAQ page for first-years and - of course - don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to seeing you soon.