Register Your Crew for 21-22!

The Y Guides team is excited to announce that online registration for the 2021 - 2022 program year will open on Wednesday, July 14! Please read the below information carefully, as it contains three steps to ensure that you and your Crewmates get registered properly: 1) Form Your Crew, 2) Register Your Crew and 3) Register as a Pair. 

This blog post also includes information for anybody who may be looking to join a pre-existing Y Guides Crew as a second- or third-year participant. 

1) Form Your Crew

The first step of the registration process is to put together your Y Guides Crew. Crews typically consist of 6 - 10 father/child pairs. First-year pairs should not complete the registration process until they've formed their Crew. If you need additional support forming your Crew, you can join the Y Guides Crew Formation Facebook Group to try to find potential matches or complete this online webform if you'd like the Y Guides staff to assign you to a Crew. For more information on forming your Y Guides Crew, including FAQs, click here

2) Register Your Crew

Once your Crew is formed, select one dad to register your Crew by completing this Crew Registration webform. When your Crew has been registered, the Dad who completed the webform will receive an email with next steps for each pair to officially register for the program. 

3) Register as a Pair

The dad who completed the Crew Registration process will need to send next steps (including the link to register for the program) to each of the dads in his Crew so that each individual pair can register for the Y Guides program. That's where each pair will pay their 2021 - 2022 program fees, supply fees, and be officially entered into our Y Guides database. Once registration is completed at the individual level, you're all set! From there, we'll provide dates and information for Dads Trainings and Supply Pickup before the program year begins with Fall Outing at Camp Kanata. 

Joining a Pre-Existing Crew

Some of you may be planning to join Y Guides as a second- or third-year participant. If that's the case for you, please complete this webform, which will allow you to provide us with key information, including the Crew you're planning to join. We will provide you with next steps from there. 

Get ready for fun!

You're about to begin a Y Guides journey that will allow you to strengthen your relationships with your child and form memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks for your commitment to your family and - through this program - strengthening the foundations of our community. We look forward to getting the 2021-22 program year started soon!