Chief's Challenge 2018

Our Nation's Chief, Crawling Bear, has decided on his challenge to celebrate 50 Years of Y Guides and he is making sure it COUNTS!

Dads, guides, and princesses are challenged to focus on strong character throughout the year. Strong character is shown by doing something for others when you know that you will receive nothing in return. Strong character is doing the right thing when no one is watching. Remember, Character Counts in life and givers gain more than they receive because they are not looking for anything in return.

Character Counts Challenge:

Dads: Share 5 stories of a time when your little guide or princess showed strong character looking for 0 in return.

Guides and Princesses: Share a story of a time when your dad acted like a kid again.

Use your tribe meetings as a time to share these stories. Record them on the Character Counts sheet to save your memories. If you complete this challenge, you will receive a special Chief’s Challenge patch at Spring Outing and have the chance to sign our Character Counts board.