Invitation Ideas

Handmade and hand-delivered invitations are one of the responsibilities of the host of each meeting and can be very real sources of fun, creativity and shared enthusiasm for a father and his child. Their practical purposes in the Y Guides and Princesses program are:

  • To announce the location and time of a tribe meeting to get dad and child together one more time, as the invitations are made and hand-delivered to each member of the tribe.
  • Another benefit is that these invitations help stimulate warmth and friendliness within the tribe as families open their homes to other tribal members. Each family will have two or three chances annually to make an invitation. Please remember that it is very important to draw a map to your home somewhere on the first invitation you make. Please try to avoid "electronic smoke signals" (e-mails or texts).

There are many possibilities for interesting invitations. Ingenuity by father and child is encouraged along with the suggestion of keeping the projects simple. A variety of materials may be used, such as aluminum foil, balsawood, boxes, cans, cardboard, cork, leather, paper, pipe cleaners, plastic and rubber. At the same time natural materials, such as nuts, shells, stones and wood lend themselves to creative projects.

Invitation Helpful Hints

Choose an invitation idea that relates to nature or the present holiday season. Keep the project simple so that the task is feasible for father and child to make one invitation for each father/ child team in the tribe.

Plan thoughtfully! Allow sufficient time for both to gain satisfaction from the project. Be as creative as possible. Consult additional resources for new ideas. Experiment with multiple materials. Apply ingenuity.

Father and child together deliver invitation to each home. This does not include little brother or sister, mother or Fido. You would be amazed at how special this "alone with Dad" time is to your child. Talk about what it means to be a host and the fun you had in making the invitations.

Design a map giving directions to hosts' home on your first invitation. Use imagination in decorating map.