Annual Campaign

The YMCA's Annual Campaign allows children, families and adults to participate in the YMCA programs that you and your family love – regardless of their ability to pay.

Our goal this year is to raise $150,000 to allow children, families, and adults to participate in the YMCA programs you and your family love-regardless of their ability to pay. 100% of the dollars will go back into our community.

A campaign to change lives

You can continue to make a difference in your community by donating to the Annual Campaign with your tribe. Find out how, below. 


  1. Talk with your tribe 
  2. Make a pledge online
  3. Fill out a pledge card and email it to or bring it by the Y Guides office. 

make a difference

What better way to teach your child the power of giving back? Participate in this community-wide effort to raise funds for children, teens and adults that need our Y the most.

Your funds can impact more than just the Y Guides program.

With your tribe's donation, you can:

  • Provide middle and high school students of color with opportunities to learn the importance of civic participation, college readiness and community service through Lightner Y Achievers.
  • Support achievement gap programs which provide leadership guidance and curriculum development to YMCA of the Triangle Academic Support Programs including Y Learning, Community HOPE and summer learning loss prevention at Camp High Hopes.
  • Provide an opportunity to focus on strengthening the father-child relationship through activities that allow fathers to spend quality one-on-one time with their children through Y Guides.
  • And more.
Together, we can achieve, build, and transform.

Check out the handouts below to find out how you can give back with your tribe:

Your tribe will have an opportunity at Fall Outing at Camp Kanata to complete your pledge and pick up your Annual Campaign patches.

The tribe will be billed in February for their pledge, and the gifted amount will be due by the end of the Y Guides calendar year in May. 

Tribes that pledge $500 or more will also receive the Golden Feather Society patch.

Prize Lottery

To add a little Y Guides spirit into the campaign we have a prize lottery. Any tribe that donates at the $500 level or higher will be entered into a prize drawing which includes,

    • Free Spring Outing OR Rockmont for an entire tribe
    • Free program fees for an entire tribe
    • Reserve Camp Sea Gull or Camp Seafarer and cabin selection at Spring Outing

In honor of celebrating 50 years of Y Guides in the Triangle Area, if your tribe pledges at the $1,500 level, your name will be entered in the drawing 15 times! You will also receive the one time only 50th Anniversary Giving Patch.


Caitlin Herrion at 919-719-9673