First Year Dad Training

This training is for all new First Year tribes. You will receive all of your yearly supplies, be updated about the program and pay for your program fees. It is important that all first year Dads attend this yearly training, even if they have been in the program before. Each Dad in the Tribe only needs to attend one meeting. You can attend as a Tribe or whichever date works best for your schedule.

2017 Dates

Wake County and Johnston County:

Details: TBA

Durham County/Chapel Hill/Chatham County:

Details: TBA


Make sure you're prepared for the training with our step-by-step Registration Checklist.

What to bring

  • A completed registration form for your child
  • Yearly program fees payment
  • The name of the chief of your new tribe

The tribe chief will turn in ALL of the registration forms and program fees for each child in their tribe, at this meeting. If you do not yet have a chief, assign one person from your tribe to turn in all of the registrations.

If your Tribe does not have all registration forms or payments at this meeting, one tribe member will need to drop off your registration packet, once it is completed, at the Y Guides office at 801 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 200, Raleigh.