Y Guides FAQs

What is the goal of Y Guides?

Y Guides is designed to build and strengthen the father/ child relationship by providing intentional opportunities for a pair to create lifelong memories together.  

What are the age groups?

Y Guides begins in 1st grade and continues to the end of the 3rd grade year. Tribes are organized by the same age/ gender. We recommend that tribes consist of 6-10 pairs. After a tribe finishes their 3rd year together, they have the opportunity to move on to our Trailblazers program. Trailblazers is designed with the older kids in mind, while continuing to build the father/ child bond. 

Can you mix age groups?

We suggest that all children in the tribe be the same grade level. However, if that is not possible, we strongly suggest no more than a one grade difference.   

What if I don’t have a tribe yet?

If you are looking for a tribe, you may fill out a form on our website. We will assist you in forming a tribe based on your zip code and the gender of your child.

When do we register our tribes?  

Registration begins in September. First year dads will give their registration and payment information to ONE tribe member. That tribe member will then turn the entire tribes’ information in (all together) at the First Year Dad Training

How much are program fees? 

Program fees are based on how many children you have in the program, dads are free. These cover one program year, which is roughly the same as a traditional school year calendar. Program fees include program manual and patches for the year. Click here for current program fees.

Additional costs that can be expected during a program year:
Leather vests (one time cost): Roughly $100 for two vests.
Winter Inning: Roughly $12-20 per ticket depending on where you sit, this is a family event that all members of your family can attend, even if they are not in the program.
Spring Outing: Click here for current Spring Outing dues.

How often do Tribes meet?

It is suggested that tribes meet twice a month for about an hour. We recommend one formal meeting that can be held at a tribe member’s home or community center. The other meeting can be a fun outing in the community such as hiking, fishing, or utilizing many of our third party vendors at a discounted rate.    

Why is it called Y Guides?

Our program name has evolved since it’s beginning in 1926. Originally called Indian Guides & Princesses, the program was formed in homage to the way American Indian fathers raised their children. We have since transitioned to calling ourselves Y Guides, a program for dads, sons and daughters. Although the name has changed, we have maintained the same goal of building the father/ child relationships over all these years.    

How is this different from Boy/ Girl Scouts?

Y Guides is designed to be a father and child relationship building program. Scouts focus on kids having fun with other kids while parent’s main role is with facilitating and safety.

Is there the opportunity for scholarship to participate in Y Guides?

Yes, there are YMCA Annual Campaign funds allocated to support families for a multitude of financial reasons so that they can participate in Y Guides. Please contact Caitlin Herrion for more info: Caitlin.Herrion@ymcatriangle.org