Join a Crew

Are you ready to have some fun and connect with your child? Now is the time! You will spend the next three years in the program with a Crew; a group of dads with kids of the same age and gender. We have found the optimal number for a crew is between 6-10 pairs. Many crews are formed with neighbors, classmates, sports teams, etc. of the same age and gender. First-year crews are mostly comprised of dads and their first-grade children, second-year crews are mostly comprised of dads and their second-grade children and third-year crews are mostly comprised of dads and their third-grade children. But there is room for flexibility when it comes to your child's age and their year in the program. 


The Y Guides program year loosely mirrors the traditional academic calendar. Each year of Y Guides kicks off with second- and third-year Captains Meetings in late August and First-Year Dads Trainings in early September. The Y Guides program year ends with Flight Day in June.


First-year crews are typically formed during the summer leading up to the beginning of the program year, but it's always a good idea to plan in advance. If your child is currently in Kindergarten, we recommend that you begin planning your crew now so that you'll be ready for the beginning of your first year. 

Mid- to late Summer we will open Crew Registration below. One person from the group will be able to fill out a quick form and will receive a registration link for everyone in the group to get registered. 

If you need help forming your Crew, there are a few ways that you can find a crew:

  • Join the Y Guides Crew Formation group on Facebook and see if there are any potential matches for you there.

  • Check your local neighborhood and community boards. 

  • Ask school, sports, church & neighborhood friends. 


First-Year Crew registration for the 2024-25 program year is opening soon! Once you have formed a first-year crew, it is time to register your crew! One person from the crew should complete this registration form. They will then receive an automated email with the link to register and a unique Temporary Crew Number. They will forward that email to everyone in the crew so everyone can register themselves. 



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