Social responsibility is a core component of our Y Guides program. With social responsibility comes generosity and caring toward others.

Long Bow Council

The Long Bow Council provides leadership and support to the Y Guides program through dads and their children volunteering. Many of our children volunteers obtain service hours for their school through Y Guides volunteering.

This group of fathers and their children support the program staff and Nation Officers by assisting with outings and other events - such as:

  • New Dad Orientation   
  • Fall Outing at Camp Kanata
  • Winter Inning
  • Polar Bear Swim 
  • Kite Day
  • Spring Outing
  • Camp Rockmont*

*To run programs at Camp Rockmont, Long Bow Council volunteer children are required to be in grade 5 or above.


Interested in Joining?

All LBC events are run through the website Volunteer Matters, which allows members to sign-up for different volunteer opportunities (such as outings).  If you are interested in volunteering with the LBC, please follow the instructions attached below.  Be sure and sign up for the "LBC Member" position so you receive all future emails.  Below is also a calendar of when signups become available, keep in mind that events are on a first-come-first-serve basis.     

 Fall Outing at Camp Kanata is a great first time to volunteer!  Sign up to volunteer at Camp Kanata to get your first experience with LBC. 


Questions or Comments?  Contact the Y Guides Team at yguides@ymcatriangle.org or 919-179-9695.

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"Volunteering with Y Guides has given Lilli "Tiger Lilli" and I the opportunity to make some of our most cherished memories. Storming gate duty dressed as crazy pirates was our Spring Outing highlight. ARRrRrrr"!

by Richard "Tiger Paw" Berry