Songs are a great way to get the crew up and moving, engaged and kick enthusiasm up a couple of notches. There are many songs that will fit into crew meetings. Some will be fast, while others will be slow. Have fun by joining in an activity that crosses the generations.

Tips For the Song Leader

The song leader can measurably assist in having a successful crew songfest. It‘s important to sing for quality as well as noise.

  • Be enthusiastic! Help members enjoy singing.
  • Know the songs that you are leading. Begin with a song that most of the dads and children know and enjoy.
  • Sing with the group and have fun yourself!
  • Give information about the background of the song if you know it.
  • Make sure that the group hears the pitch. Don‘t start too high or too low.
  • Give a firm starting signal. Set and maintain the tempo of the song.
  • Indicate when the group should sing loudly or softly and when to stop together.
  • Action songs are by far the most popular. They provide movement and fun. Clapping, stamping feet, standing and hand motions all add to the zest of the occasion.
  • Give clear, concise instructions for action songs. Repeat, if necessary, for understanding.
  • Use small, steady, rhythmic beats to guide the group. For large groups, a broad, clear arm movement will be wise. Keeping the rhythm steady is key to success.

Song leaders should select songs appropriate for the meeting situation. Rousing fun choruses and action songs get fathers and children off to a great start, while quiet songs have a tremendous thrill and impact at campfires and council meetings just before the story or devotions.