A trick or stunt always adds to the fun of a meeting. You don‘t have to be an expert to have fun with tricks and stunts. The tricks are more or less designed to fool someone in one way or another or challenge their physical or mental abilities with FUN being the most important part of the activity. It also provides a terrific filler during that "dead time" which could occur while the host is making final preparations for refreshments. As the host family is putting the ice in the cups, etc., a trick would fit in nicely.

To perform some tricks or stunts, you may need to know a secret way to do something. Perhaps you may seem to be doing one thing when you are actually doing something else. At times, you will depend on equipment or props. At other times, you may use scientific principles or possibly just play a joke on your other crewmates. Some tricks or stunts just take practice to perform.

When presenting the tricks to your crew, be sure that you and your child understand the trick. Practice it together before the crew meeting. Certain kinds of tricks can be improved by practicing them in front of a mirror so that you can see how it will look to others. Try to learn the trick well enough so that you can keep your crewmayes guessing and ultimately fascinate them. Fool them, if necessary, by calling their attention away from what you are really doing.

It‘s always a good idea to include one or more crewmates in doing your tricks!