Social responsibility is a core component of our Y Guides program. With social responsibility comes generosity and caring toward others.

Long Bow Council

The Long Bow Council provides leadership and support to the Y Guides program through dads and their children volunteering. Many of our children volunteers obtain service hours for their school through Y Guides volunteering.

This group of fathers and their children support the program staff and Nation Officers by assisting with outings and other events - such as:

  • New Dad Orientation   
  • Fall Outing
  • Winter Inning
  • Polar Bear Swim 
  • Kite Day
  • Spring Outing*
  • Camp Rockmont*

*To run programs at Camp Rockmont and Spring Outing, Long Bow Council volunteer children are required to be in grade 5 or above.


Chas Sharp: Chas.Sharp@ymcatriangle.org or 919-719-9695

"Volunteering with Y Guides has given Lilli "Tiger Lilli" and I the opportunity to make some of our most cherished memories. Storming gate duty dressed as crazy pirates was our Spring Outing highlight. ARRrRrrr"!

by Richard "Tiger Paw" Berry