May Tribe of the Month

Through the Y Guides program, tribes become closer and more connected to each other and the community. During the first two years, tribes are focused on growing and creating a bond that can last a lifetime. During the Third Year, the year of service, tribes are encouraged to go out into the community and give back to others.

During their third year of Y Guides, the Dusty Arrowheads have been busy working in their community and lending a helping hand. Their service activities have included collecting food for Hurricane Matthew victims with the Raleigh Food Shelter, singing Christmas Carols to the residents of Brookdale Retirement Facility, and one tribe member even grew his hair out all Summer, Fall, and Winter to donate eight inches to Kids for Locks. This group has been working hard, but have also been able to share many laughs throughout the year. 

One of their members, Little Peka, had the following to say about his experiences:

How do you feel that your community was changed by your act of service?

Because if we weren’t in Y Guides we would be staying home and not helping the needy.  And if we didn’t pick up trash everything would be junky like a dumpster.

What did you learn from your acts of service?  

When we have had overnights at Umstead or Spring Outings or Kanata to respect nature, pick up after yourself. Friendship.  Kindness.  Be good to my community. When I sang Christmas Carols at the retirement home it made me feel good and strong about myself and it made me feel good to see the smiles on the older people’s faces. When we went around the neighborhood and collected food for the needy it made me feel hungry because there was some good food we got.  It also made me feel good about myself for doing something good for other people.

Another member, Great White Shark, said: 

How have these acts of service made your tribe closer?

We worked together in all of them as a team, as we all brought or did something to make people happy at that time. It was fun working as a team, as friends.

As these young men have grown together in the last three years, it is evident that they have come to understand the importance of giving back. Not only do they see how their help can have an impact on their communities, but they can also see how their hard work has helped to shape them. They work together as a team and encourage each other, even when it was tough work. Lego Warrior said in response to "how have acts of service made your tribe closer," "Doing work together, I got to spend more time with dad." Through their acts of service, not only has the tribe grown, but the relationship between each father and son pair was strengthened. 

Thank you Dusty Arrowheads for your kindness and hard work in your community.