Second Year Lanterns

Dear Second Year Y Guides Dads,

 We are looking forward to another amazing year at Y Guides and wanted to share a new and exciting enhancement to the Fall Outing. This year, we will be using lanterns during the “Induction Walk” to welcome first-year pairs in place of the previously used torches.

 In order to prepare, begin by creating your lantern handle. Find a broom handle around your house or pick up a replacement broom handle from a local hardware store (make sure it is made of wood). We welcome you to decorate it any way you choose, and can’t wait to see each pair’s creativity! Your second-year kit will provide everything else you need: the eyehook that will be screwed into the end of the pole, and the carabineer on which the lantern will hang.

You will pre-purchase the lantern using this online link and pick it up on your Fall Outing Sunday at Camp Kanata. The online store will ask you to create a new login to buy your lantern, this is not your YMCA login. Your lantern will pre-filled with the necessary kerosene. Please bring your decorated broom handle, along with the eyehook and carabineer, to the Fall Outing.

We are thrilled to be able to continue this honored tradition, as we know that the “Induction Walk” is a special time for all involved. This transition to lanterns will no doubt improve the efficiency, and the overall experience, of your Fall Outing Night. You will also be able to use your lantern on future camp outing events and will serve as a special memento of your time with Y Guides.

 Click here to view our video and get excited about the start of Y Guides!


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