Lottery Details

Rockmont Lottery June 4-8, 2018


  • Every lottery form turned in will be assigned a sequential number as they are dropped off, regardless of weekend preference. 
  • We randomly draw numbers that will correlate to the lottery forms. Selected forms will be assigned their preference based on availability. 


  1. Yogi Bear drops off the registration form for the Stinky Feet tribe and it gets assigned number 56. 
  2. 56 is the hundredth number drawn in the lottery. Stinky Feet's first choice is "cabin only" in A weekend, but it is full.
  3. Their second choice is "cabin but will take tents" in B weekend. B weekend cabins are full, but there is room in tents.
  4. Stinky Feet tribe is assigned B weekend in tent camping.

More than one tribe? 

  • If you have more than one tribe that would like to be grouped together on the same weekend, you can include them on the same lottery number. Please include everyone on the same form.  

Lottery results?

  • Tribes will be notified of their lottery status on June 15 via email. 
  • If tribes do not win their preferred weekend, there will be an opportunity to cancel without penalty (we will shred all payments).
  • There will be NO penalty for cancellations between June 15-22.
  • Cancellations should be sent via email to (must reference lottery number).
  • We will begin processing payments after June 22, 2018.