Fall Outing


first and second year

Sundays of Fall Outing are for First and Second Year tribes to experience activities at Camp Kanata, as well as our Induction Ceremony. The assigned dates are below. These dates are flexible, so if you are unable to attend on the assigned date, feel free to go on a date that works best for your schedule.

2017 First and second year dates:

  • October 15: Girls in tribes A-H
  • October 22: Girls in tribes I-R
  • October 29: Girls in tribes S-Z
  • November 5: Boys in tribes A-M
  • November 12: Boys in tribes N-Z

NOTE: The time of the campfires varies based on daylight savings time.

first year tribes

As the newest members of the Arapahoe Nation, get excited for a day full of fun activities, quality time with your tribe, and our incredible Induction Ceremony. Don't forget your vest and nametag!

second year tribes

Let's make a torch! Get excited about making your torches! Each pair will make their own torch. For the supplies and directions you will need to successfully construct an awesome and safe torch click HERE.

This will be a fun experience for your tribe, but please remind each Little Guide/Princess to treat fire with respect. As always, supervise the handling of the flame with your child.