A Journey to Remember

Our 2022 Captain’s Challenge encourages dads and kids to take a “Journey to Remember” through the Y Guides program and beyond. By spending intentional time together, Big Guides and Little Guides can share an exciting journey built on strong relationships, service to our community, and memories that will last a lifetime. Below, you’ll see three activities for dads and kids to complete together as part of their journey to remember. Get creative, lean in and have fun! If you complete the Captain’s challenge, stop by the Y Guides store at Spring Outing and pick up a Captain’s Challenge patch. Also, if you see Captain Banging Drum out and about, please be sure to share stories of your journey with him.   

Don't forget to print and complete the activity sheet!

2022 Captains Challenge: A Journey to Remember


Make a Y Guides playlist of 15 favorite songs to share with your Crew and with others at Spring Outing. Dad picks five songs, child picks five songs, and then dad and child pick the remaining 5 songs together.

Road Trip

Go on a road trip of any duration. Remember it’s about the journey, not the destination! Share favorite memories from your road trip with your Crew and with others. Bonus points if you play songs from your Y Guides playlist!


Volunteer or work on a service project of any duration, location and format. Examples include park cleanup projects, food drives and other local volunteer opportunities. Click here for more suggestions. This activity can be done between father and child or as a Y Guides Crew. 

You are encouraged to post pictures on your social media, tag Y Guides, and use our hashtag #YGuidesJourney to share the message with others. 

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