Pals Forever, Friends Always

Y Guides Pals and Friends,

The Y Guides community has had the honor and privilege of being led by the one and only Caitlin Herrion, more fondly known as Spotted Turtle, for the past six and a half years. We are excited to share that Caitlin has accepted a new role with the YMCA of the Triangle as the Executive Director of the Chatham County YMCA. This YMCA is currently located in a small leased space in downtown Pittsboro but over the next 12 months, a brand new, state-of-the-art facility is being built in the new Chatham Park community. Caitlin will lead the Chatham Y as they open this incredible new building and expand their service to the Pittsboro and broader Chatham County community.

It is difficult to put into words the impact Caitlin has had on the program and on many of you during her tenure with the Y Guides program. Caitlin’s creativity and eye for detail have led to memorable moments at outings and events over the years. Her unique ability to individually connect with each child and to make them feel special and valued has left a lasting impact on so many. Thousands of Dads and kids will have lifelong memories of spending time with each other and their crew mates thanks to Spotted Turtle!  

As you all know, the commitment of a Y Guides Director is significant and we are honored to have had Caitlin leading the program for so many years. The Chatham YMCA is lucky to have her and I know you will join us in cheering her on as she steps into this new role.

We will be celebrating Caitlin’s tenure with the Y Guides program later this fall with staff and volunteers, and at that time we would like to pass on messages of thanks and special memories. We are going to do this through a video montage and we need your help! If you and your child would like to record a message for Caitlin, you can do so here.

Lou Seaman, Howlin’ Hippo, will continue as the Director of the Y Guides program with the support of Desmond Miller, Blue Whale, and Ashley Butler, Happy Lion.

Thank you for helping us celebrate a special pal and friend, and for your continued support of the Y Guides program!

Pals Forever, Friends Always,


-      The Y Guides Team