Strength, Power, and Hope... For All

"Pals Forever. Friends Always."

It’s more than just the slogan of the Y Guides program. It’s a promise. It’s nostalgia. It’s dads and kids making our community a better place. When we say, “Pals Forever. Friends Always,” it’s a reminder of our commitment to bettering ourselves and our relationships with one another.

Think about it. By referring to our loved ones, our Crewmates, and others in the Y Guides Nation as “Pals and Friends,” it’s a reminder of the possibility of forming and building connections with one another. You are my pal. You are my friend. And just as the YMCA of the Triangle’s mission statement says, anybody can be my Pal or my Friend, because Y Guides is “for all.” There’s strength and power in that.

Think about it. By reminding one another that our connections are “Forever and Always,” we are committing to making an impact on one another, with a goal of improving others’ lives just by having crossed our paths. Y Guides’ goal is to set our participants up for success by providing a curriculum, programs and events that will help dads and kids form memories and develop tangible (and intangible) skills that will last a lifetime. “Forever and Always” means hope.

When you say “Pals Forever. Friends Always,” remember the impact of those four words. Reflect upon the memories you’ve made and the ones that you’ve yet to make. And remember that every day you spend with Y Guides is a day you’re inspiring strength, power and hope for all in this community.

Dads and Kids, thanks for all you do to make this program and this community amazing.