Want to give back?

The Y Guides Advisory Board is in the process of recruiting new board members to join the Advisory Board starting in the 2024-25 program year. The Y Guides Advisory Board serves to support the Y Guides program in leadership, philanthropy and relationship building. Advisory Board members serve as Ambassadors for the YMCA and the Y Guides program. 

We are looking for individuals to serve on the board who are passionate about strengthening the father-child relationship through the Y Guides program, are committed to making the Y Guides program welcoming and inclusive for all dads and kids in the Triangle community, enjoy serving the Y Guides community through hands-on support at outings and fundraising for the Annual We Build People Campaign, and more.

Please complete this Interest Form by Friday, March 31 to be considered as a candidate for Y Guides Advisory Board for the upcoming program year.

Questions? Reach out to Lou Seaman "Howlin' Hippo at Louis.Seaman@ymcatriange.org.