How does the Y Guides program differ from Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts?

Many times, scouting is a "drop off" program. A father's involvement with their child in scouting is optional and likely rare with girls. The Y Guides program focuses on strengthening the father-child relationship through activities that allow fathers to spend quality, one-on-one time with their children. It is through these shared experiences together that both father and child grow closer, forming memories that will last a lifetime. There is also no selling or door-to-door fundraising involved within the Y Guides program, as there is in scouting (i.e. cookies, popcorn).

What is the cost to participate in Y Guides?

The 2015-2016 program fees are $120 for the year (non-member) or $105 for the year (Y Member).

How can I find out more?

If you have any questions about the Y Guides program please contact Andrew Crook, the Y Guides Director, at Andrew.Crook@ymcatriangle.org or by calling 919-719-9694.

What is the Y Guides program?

The Y Guides program is for fathers that want quality, planned, one-on-one time with their child. The program is open to every Dad with a child in first through third grade, or fourth grade and beyond for our Trailblazers program.

Participation in activities for the father and child is a vital part of the Y Guides program. Father and child share in events, games, crafts, outings, and campouts. The father observes their child's relationship in the group, see's the child's strengths and needs which creates a base for helping the child to grow. Likewise, the child observes the father interacting with other dads and kids. This provides the child with an important role model.

What happens after my three years of Y Guides?

The fun continues with Trailblazers! The YMCA's Trailblazers program is a continuation for older children of the Y Guides programs. Trailblazers offers children, fourth grade and beyond, more challenging and varied experiences, while teaching leadership and responsibility.

Service to the community and the YMCA is an important aspect of the YMCA Trailblazers program. Some dads and children actually stay in the program long enough for the child to drive their dads to camp!

Popular outings for the Trailblazers program is the the Fall Outing weekend to Camp Rockmont in Black Mountain, NC, the winter ski trip to Wintergreen Ski Resort and Spring Outing at Camp Sea Gull.

Through all of these activities and events, Trailblazers continues to help strengthen the family and foster the relationship between father and child.