Spring Outing FAQs

We are looking forward to having you at our Spring Outing 2022 On Tour. FAQs about the Spring Outing season can be found below. 

COVID-19 Information

In our commitment to the health and protection of our families and staff, we are continuing to monitor guidance from the CDC and other state health agencies. We recognize that recommendations and guidelines are changing and commit to updating our programming and protocols accordingly. To view our current community health strategies for Spring Outing, please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page. If you are looking for the 5-Day Pre-Arrival Health Screening form it can be found here.


What should I bring to camp?
We have put together a packing list that will hopefully answer that question!

When will I get my cabin and camp assignment?
Camp and cabin assignments will be emailed to you Friday morning of your arrival. 

What time can we arrive on Friday?
You should plan to arrive between 4 - 8 p.m. Dinner will be on your own. Grab a bite on your way to camp or bring food to grill out at your cabin. Each building will have a grill to share between the two cabins in the building.

What time is departure on Sunday?
Activities will close at 12 p.m. Please plan on leaving Camp no later than 1 p.m. 

What is the schedule for the weekend?
A general outline of our program schedule is available here

Do you have any recommendations of local places to enjoy on the way to or from Spring Outing?
Our participants and volunteers have spoken! Check out some of our favorite places to enjoy on your way to or from Camp. 


What will my cabin space look like?  
You will be in a cabin and sharing a bathroom with the other members of your crew. If 4 people or less from your crew are attending, you may be placed in the same cabin as another group of 4 or less. If there are people in your group who would prefer to maintain social distancing by sleeping in a tent, you are welcome to do so and set up right outside your cabin. 

What if I do not feel comfortable staying overnight at Camp?
We have a Day-Only Option available to anyone who wishes to spend a Saturday enjoying Spring Outing activities at Camp, but not stay overnight. Contact YGuides@YMCATriangle.org for more information. 

What will mealtimes look like while at Camp?

You and your crew will be assigned a meal time, you will learn more upon your arrival at camp. Your meals will be buffet style or your crew can choose to “pack and go.” The menu for the weekend is available here. Each group will have the opportunity to either pick up their food indivudally in the buffet and eat it in the dining hall or take a packout meal to go and enjoy it somewhere else on camp. 

What if I have (or my child has) dietary needs?
Help us keep your account up to date with any dietary needs. Please login to your account to update your profile. Camp is able to accommodate participants with dietary needs. When you arrive in the dining hall, there will be a display noting the items on the menu and if they might contain a certain allergen. A member of the kitchen staff will be able to assist you if you have further questions about potential allergens or ingredients in the meal elements. 

What will camp activities look like?
We are excited to provide all of your favorite traditional camp activities during Spring Outing: archery, BBs, the zip line, paddle sports, shark's tooth hunting and more.  We are planning to offer some activities at multiple locations throughout camp. You and your group may have a specifically assigned time that you will have access to the most popular activities, such as the zip line. You will learn more upon arrival. 

Can we bring bikes to Camp?
Yes. Camp is very large (more than 350 acres!), so many people find it helpful to bring their bicycles. North Carolina law requires anyone under the age of 16 to wear a helmet. Please put your bikes away before evening programs every night. 

Will I be able to make a campfire?
Campfires are allowed only in contained fire pits that are off the ground and 10 feet away from the cabin and trees. All ashes must be dumped in appropriate bins around Camp. 

Where should I park?
After unloading your belongings at your cabin, please park in the designated parking locations which will be pointed out upon arrival. Camp doesn't feel like camp when people's cars are all around the cabin area. Do the right thing: Park in the designated parking spots so that everybody can enjoy their camp experience to the fullest

Will there be a nurse on-site?
Yes. A nurse will be on-site during your stay. We will provide an emergency contact number for you to call as needed. Basic triage needs only will be available. 

What is the lost and found policy?
Camp will keep these items for no longer than two weeks from the end of each weekend. After this time, these items will be donated or thrown away. Items that are soiled, damaged, or otherwise deemed not able to be safely stored will be discarded. Lost and found will be stored in a central location, not out in the open. If a participant is looking, the appropriate staff member will check if the item has been found. 

Is there anything I can't bring?
There is no alcohol, smoking, firearms, or fireworks allowed on camp property. 


5 Day Screening Form
Sea Gull Map
Seafarer Map
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