Find your True North

Chief Big Minnehaha invites you to join him in the 2020 Chief’s Challenge: “Finding True North.” True North is used by explorers and mariners to navigate over long distances. A compass points to “magnetic north,” which is different than True North because magnetic north is the result of magnetic forces all around us that change the way the compass works. True North, however, is is points the true way. So what does it mean to Find True North as a Y Guides participant? Chief Big Minnehaha, take it away…

My Chief’s Challenge of Finding True North includes challenges and activities that may help you to learn more about navigation. Not just navigation by using a map or a compass, but also by providing some tools to help you navigate through your lives as father/child pairs. Take this challenge to heart. Dads, this is a great opportunity for you to connect with your son or daughter and to share your values in meaningful ways. The activities will help you to build upon the shared experiences of the Y Guides programs with your child and I hope that they will help build lasting memories and strong relationships. Kids, my hope for you is that you have fun learning new skills with your dad and learn about your dad and yourself along the way.

During the 2019-2020 Y Guides program year, I’m challenging you to complete five activities that will help you to Find True North as a pair. The activities will teach lessons about navigation skills, but remember that “Finding True North” is also meant to teach lessons about fathers and kids leaning on each other for support, building stronger relationships with each other, and using those relationships as a foundation that helps to make our community stronger and the world a better place. As you complete the activities on the activity sheet, be intentional about digging deeper to discover how the skills you’re learning can help point you to True North.

As your Chief, I have provided you with the challenges, but have not provided you with all of the answers. I am counting on your own resourcefulness to find your own way with each other. I look forward to hearing about your adventures together when we meet at Spring Outing.

Howard Longino
"Chief Big Minnehaha"

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