Balloon Games

Balloon Relay

Have enough balloons blown up in advance of this game for each child to have one. Have two designated spots for sitting on the floor at the end of the room, then line up the players into relay teams. (Each Dad blows up balloons for himself and his child before the game begins.) Each player picks up a balloon, crosses room, puts balloon on floor, then sits on it until it pops. When popped, player runs back to other end of the room and tags the next team member who repeats the process until one team successfully pops all the balloons.

Two times through should add time and excitement to this game!

Balloon Volleyball

Like volleyball, except indoors using a string about waist high as a net, (string can be stretched across room and taped to the back of two chairs). Play in seated position or on knees, dads against children or dad/ child team against dad/ child team.