Animals & Nature Themed Invites

Acorn Necklace
Gather some acorns from some woods. Make a necklace of the acorns by stringing them on a heavy waxed string. Tie a tag on one end with the message on it.

Animal Pictures
Draw picture of bear, deer, mountain lion, birds or any others animals on a large piece of drawing paper. Add the date, time of meeting and names of hosts in the design.

Animal Skin
Cut a piece of scrap leather into the shape of an animal skin. Write the message on it with a pen or colored marker.

Leather Leaf
Gather some large leaves to use as your sample. Place the leaf over a scrap piece of leather and trace around the outside of the leaf. Carefully cut out the leaf using scissors. (Dad may need to help cut through thick leather.) Using markers, first draw the leaf veins on your leather leaf and then color the vein side of the leaf. Write the invitation message on the side opposite side.

Log Chip
Have father saw a 4" diameter fireplace log into pieces about 1/2" thick. Write your invitation message on the face of the wood circle using markers, paints, or a wood-burning tool.

Pine Cones
Go for a hike through the woods and collect pine cones. Spray paint the cones a decorative color. Attach a ribbon and bells to the cone along with your invitation message. This is a good holiday project.

Pony with Travois
Find a small plastic toy horse. With small strips of adhesive tape, fasten two candy lollipop sticks to the horse. Apply the tape so that it looks like a harness. Fasten a piece of paper on the travois, and write the message on it.

Using three Styrofoam balls of different sizes, connect your snowman‘s body together by first connecting the big ball with the medium ball with a toothpick. Remove the toothpick and squirt white glue in the toothpick holes. Reinsert the toothpick in the hole on the big ball. Add some glue around the toothpick on the top of the big ball and into the toothpick hole on the medium ball. Place the other end of the toothpick into the medium ball. Your big and medium balls should be connected. Repeat with the medium and small ball. Draw on eyes using markers or by gluing on small rocks. Use small sticks for arms. Design a hat and scarf with felt. Attach your message to the snowman.