A Friend In Need

"Tell us a story! Please, Wise Father, tell us another of your legends!"

Eagerly the boys sat at his feet to listen and to learn. Grey Fox, the Chief, smiled at the memory of the story he had chosen to tell and then began:

"Many moons ago two hunters were traveling the trail together. Suddenly they came face to face with a huge bear. One, in great fear and without thought for his companion, climbed a tree as fast as he could and hid himself in the branches."

"The gruff old bear lumbered toward him, his huge paws slapping the ground with spine chillingthumps. Soon the shaggy beast stood directly over the man, sniffing at the Indian‘s nose and ears; but the man, with great control, held hid breath and lay still."

"Presently the bear turned and walked slowly away. As the ponderous animal disappeared from sight, the first hunter came down from his hiding place in the tree and asked his companion what it was the bear had said to him. 'For,' he said, 'I saw that the bear put his mouth very close to your ear and whispered something to you.'

Grey Fox's eyes twinkled with humor as he ended his story. "What lesson do you find in this tale of the hunting trail, little braves?" he asked.