The Music Stopped

This is a story of three people: A singer, an organist and a little boy. They all worked together. The singer sang and the organist accompanied her, while the little boy was behind the scenes pumping air into the organ, for it was an old-fashioned organ with a pump handle that someone had to work in order to give the organ the necessary air power.

One day these three got to discussing how important they were, that is, two of them did. The singer said: "It is because of my beautiful singing that our concerts are so successful."

"That is true," the organist agreed, "but without my organ playing, you wouldn't be able to sing so beautifully."

The little boy said nothing; but that night at the concert, he looked unusually wise.

The number was announced, the organ started to play, and soon the beautiful voice of the singer was thrilling the audience. Suddenly the music from the organ stopped; and, in surprise, the singer also stopped. Frantically, the organist tried to play, but there was no power. Then a quiet little voice said: "I have stopped pumping, and there‘s no air for the organ. The concert can't go on. Who would you say is important now?"

(Who would you say was the most important in this group? Do you think any one of these people was more important than the others? What makes a person important?)