Fall Outing

Sundays of Fall Outing are for First- and Second-Year tribes to experience activities at Camp Kanata, as well as our Induction Ceremony. The assigned dates are below. These dates are flexible, so if you are unable to attend on the assigned date, feel free to go on a date that works best for your schedule.

2020 First- and second-year dates

Below are suggested dates based on the first letter of your tribe name. If there is a scheduling conflict with your tribes suggested weekend, feel free to join us on an alternate Sunday. No need to let the Y Guides office know. 

Oct. 11: Tribes A-E
Oct. 18: Tribes F-K
Oct. 25: Tribes L-P
Nov. 8: Tribes Q-S
Nov. 15: Tribes T-Z

Sunday Agenda (the time of campfires varies based on daylight savings time)

We encourage you to watch the tips for Fall Outing video while preparing for Fall Outing with your child for more helpful information. 

first-year tribes

As the newest members of Y Guides, get excited for a day full of fun activities, quality time with your tribe and our incredible Induction Ceremony. Don't forget your vest and nametag!

second-year tribes

Join us at camp to relive your first Fall Outing experience. Enjoy camp activities, a tribe cookout and help us welcome the new First-Years during our special Induction Walk.

In your second-year kits, we have provided you with a toolkit to help you build a keep-sake lantern that will help to light the way for our new first-year tribes. Learn more about the lanterns for Fall Outing.