Second-Year Trail Marker

Second-year tribes are invited to build and bring Trail Markers to Spring Outing. Each tribe's Trail Marker will be displayed in front of the tribe's cabin. During Spring Outing Y Guides Directors will walk around second-year cabins and judge on the best Trial Marker. Tribes are encouraged to put their personal touch on their Trial Markers. 

Each dad/child pair will work together to create an individual piece that is representational of your relationship, a special memory or your Y Guides' names. 

Trail markers are used to represent where we are, and each piece of the Y Guides Trail Marker will represent the tribe together as well as the individual dad/ child pairs. 

Use your creativity and the sky is the limit! 


Trail Markers should be weatherproof as they will be sitting outside cabins. Below are a few materials that can be easily found and used to build Trail Markers. 

  • Coffee Cans 
  • Recycled plastic bottles 
  • Water Juggs 
  • Blocks of wood 
  • Empty laundry detergent bottles 
  • Outdoor Christmas lights 
  • Plastic Plates 
PDF icon Trail Marker Made of Buckets.pdf114.13 KB