First Year Shark's Teeth Sifter

Will YOU find the largest Shark's Tooth at Spring Outing? Each weekend, we will have a contest at Camp Seafarer and Camp Sea Gull to find the biggest tooth. Build your own Shark's Teeth Sifter with your child. You can even personalize your sifter by decorating the outside! 


  • Two pieces of 1”x 2” wood 12” in length 
  • Two pieces of 1"x 2" wood 10" in length 
  • Eight Nails 
  • One 13”x 13” piece of aluminum screen with 3/16” to ¼” holes 
  • Twenty U-shaped nails or heavy staples


Make the frame by creating a rectangle with the four pieces of wood. Use two nails on each corner to connect the sides of the wood. Attach the screen to the bottom of the wooden frame using the U-shaped nails or by stapling it. Cut off any excess screen using scissors or wire cutters. Personalize your Sharks Teeth sifter by painting the outside your favorite color. Take a look at the First Year Sharks Teeth Sifter diagram for more help! 


PDF icon Shark's Teeth Sifter Instructions135.89 KB