Third-Year Raft Race

The infamous third-year Raft Race is always a highlight of the Spring Outing season! Sink or swim, it's sure to be a memory that all will cherish for a long, long time. 

Work with your Crew to build your very own raft! Be sure to put your own personal touch on this fun Crew activity. See below for Race Rules and FYIs for all of your Raft Race information:

Raft Race Rules

  • Winning is not the only objective. We are looking to have fun! Sinking is just as memorable as winning!
  • The race will take place on the Saturday of your Spring Outing adventure. Listen up and be on the lookout for details about when your Crew's race will take place.
  • The raft needs at least four father/child pairs. Try your best to include ALL kids.
  • We will divide the rafts up into racing heats based upon the material of each raft: hard (such as plywood, or soft (such as an air matress)
  • Rafts will race in heats to determine the heat winners. Heat winners will compete in semi-final matchups. The final 2-3 boats will race for the Grand Championship!
  • Rafts will need to be designed to race across a course, around a buoy and back to land. 
  • Rafts will begin from a "dead start," meaning that all participants must be on board the vessel when the race begins (nobody can be in the water kicking to provide a head start). 
  • Life jackets are mandatory for ALL participants and up to eight paddles will be supplied at the event. 
  • Lifeguards will be onsite to ensure safety. 
  • No open flames allowed on the raft. 

for your information

  • Race will occur at both sites.
  • Captains meeting is at 8:30 a.m. and race begins at 8:45 a.m. Be sure your boat is complete by then. 
  • Rafts must be complete upon arrival at Spring Outing. 
  • No power motors.
  • No ropes to pull the raft across the lake. 
  • No projectiles allowed (i.e. water balloons).
  • Paddlewheels are allowed and do not count toward your eight-paddle allotment. 
  • You cannot use existing/manufactured water crafts to build your platform (i.e. no attaching plywood to canoes, kayaks, or inflatable rafts).
  • You may not build a canoe.
  • You must take home everything that you brought to the race, including your trash, your rafts, etc.